Video production

We have extensive experience in video production in the fields of healthcare and medicine. This means we can work with you to devise a production style that is right for what you want to communicate. We can also produce the video to a very high quality within a realistic NHS budget, often as part of your annual allocation of communications and marketing media that comes with your membership.




Matthew's Story

Made for: NHS Improvement (Emergency Care Improvement Programme)

Purpose: Matthew's Story provides a compelling case for improving ambulance handover times, and for changing the behaviours and cultures that contribute to unnecessary waits for patients.

» NHS Improvement web page.

Production: Filmed on location in the West Midlands.

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Matthew's Story



Tackling childhood constipation with 'The Poo Nurses'

Made for: Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust

Purpose: The Trust's Childhood Constipation Service helps parents and GPs manage childhood constipation and so reduce the high number of cases that have to be seen by the hospital's Paediatric Department. We created a video and web microsite for parents and their GPs.

This project is a winner of the 2017 Nursing Times Awards.

Production: Filmed in our Oxford studio

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The Poo Nurses



Staff recruitment for BHRUT

Made for: Barking, Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust

Purpose: A staff recruitment film for this East London Trust

Production: Filmed on location in East London

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Transforming emergency care (AEC)

Made for: Ambulatory Emergency Care Network

Purpose: A film for an international conference introducing the concept of ambulatory emergenct care

Production: Filmed in a number of hospital locations in England

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Acute Frailty Unit

Made for: Acute Frailty Network

Purpose: A film explaining how the team at Leicester Royal Infirmary have changed the way they manage frail, older patients.

Production: Filmed in Leicester

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Just right for me!

Made for: George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust

Purpose: A staff recruitment film and microsite to encourage applicants for jobs at the George Eliot in Warwickshire

Production: Filmed on location in Nuneaton in Warwickshire

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Leg ulcer clinics

Made for: East London NHS Foundation Trust.

Purpose: A video for the Trust website introducing their leg ulcer clinics.

Production: This video uses interviews with patients and filming at a leg ulcer clinic in East London to show the benefits of specialist wound treatment. The video was made in two versions, this shorter one and a longer one with more information on the tissue viability care provided. This film is a good example of a promotional video that encompasses the "Seven Ps of marketing".

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Leg Ulcer Clinics



West Mid Maternity

Made for: Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust

Purpose: A video tour promoting the facilities at the West Middlesex Maternity Unit. The video is part of the Maternity Unit microsite that we produce and manage.

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What is the patient experience?

Made for: Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Purpose: A staff information and engagement film, making the point that everything you do can shape the patient experience.

Production: Filmed over three days at Trust locations across Derbyshire. Specially composed music track.

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A day in the life of the GWH

Made for: Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Purpose: To introduce the many different aspects of the healthcare provided by the Trust, both in hospitals and in the community.

Production: Filmed over three days at locations in Wiltshire and at the GWH. Edited to a specially composed music track. On screen captions come in two versions - one for external and website use (as shown here) and one for internal use such as staff training and awards presentations.

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Communication Station

Made for: Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust / Wiltshire Speech & Language Therapy Department (now part of NHS Wiltshire CCG/Wiltshire Council/Virgin Care).

Purpose: An online resource of 10 educational videos showing simple strategies to encourage communication skills in young children.

Production: Filmed on location with Wiltshire Speech and Language therapists and in our Oxford studio.

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Working with NHS Elect

Made for: NHS Elect

Purpose: Testimonials from NHS Elect members on the benefits they have received from their membership to inspire others to join NHS Elect.

Production: Short interviews grabbed during the lunch break of the NHS Elect Conference (which was also being video recorded) and edited into a fast-paced, attention-grabbing montage.

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