Web design

Case histories of website design and implementation for NHS Elect members

We have been supporting NHS trusts with their websites and intranets for twelve years now, beginning at a time when hospital websites were first being introduced and few trusts had the IT and design staff to implement them well. Nowadays, most trusts have good, functional websites that use sophisticated content management systems which their internal comms team is able to maintain.

We have moved on from hosting complete sites for our members to contributing advice and know-how on the choice of software and information architecture. We can supply the specialist services that a good website needs, such as overall design and branding, stills photography and video production. And we can provide small microsites (below) for specific purposes, such as community services, maternity services and staff recruitment.


Much of our current website work involves creating managed microsites that complement the main Trust website and have additional features or content and design that cannot easily be achieved as part of the main website. We currently host and manage over a dozen of them.

Here are some examples:




Whittington HealthMaternity Services

For: Whittington Health

NHS Trust

Remit: A microsite with information about Maternity Services at the Whittington Hospital.

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North West London Sexual Health and Contraception Services

For: London North West Healthcare NHS Trust

Remit: A microsite for users of the sexual health and contraception services across North West London.


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West Middlesex Maternity Unit

For: Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.

Remit: A microsite that complements the Trust's main website with additional information about the Maternity Unit at the West Middlesex Hospital and the facilities it provides.

This microsite features a 'virtual tour' introductory video to Maternity Services.

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Discover Your Future with North Staffordshire

For: North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust.

Remit: A recruitment microsite encouraging new staff to join this integrated mental and physical health trust.

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Sexual Health Warwickshire (George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust)

For: George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust

Remit: A microsite for users of the Sexual Health services across Warwickshire.


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Engage Programme - Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

For: Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Remit: Salisbury's Engage Programme is run by their Department of Clinical Psychology and uses trained volunteers to support the psychological needs of older adults while they are in hospital.

The programme is also available to other NHS Trusts who would like to run their own programmes.

We created a microsite and introductory video as well as training videos.

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